Thursday, June 10, 2010

TVI Express no relation with RCI

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You may recall that earlier an Indonesia TVI Express member website published a letter allegedly from Tarun Trikha and TeamTVIOz, that claims that:
"We [TVI Express] are a valued travel company having corporate tie ups with RCI, Cambay Resorts, Sarovar Hotels, Fave Hotel and a few other hotels and resorts. "
So I found RCI's website,, and sent them a question via their contact us page:
Is it possible for you to clarify your "corporate tie up" with TVI Express in a general sense, without revealing any corporate secrets? Will it be possible to find out which resorts have they booked (if any), how many people have they sent to your resorts, and so on?
And this is their reply (from
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  RCI does not sell timeshare and the activities of this entity have not been authorized by RCI.
 EDIT: I see some people insist on seeing the actual e-mail. So, here's the screenshot.

And my original e-mail, just to show you that I really was asking about TVI Express. Note the same inquiry ID number.

If you see any one else claiming TVI Express has a "corporate tie up" with RCI, RCI wants to know about that guy. Send recordings, pictures, website URLs, videos, and more to RCI. They want to know who is using their name without authorization.
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