Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TVI Express issues bogus news through proxy

A search of news archives today found something new: a "press release" claiming that TVI Express is NOT a scam. The problems with this sort of "fake news" are plentiful.

First of all, press releases are NOT checked for accuracy. On the bottom of that very page, you can find this disclaimer: 
"We [the press release site] do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information on or available through this site, and we are not responsible for inaccuracies or omissions in that information or for actions taken in reliance on that information."
In other words, this is virtually worthless. There is no logo attached, so this was  FREE press release. This is no more trustworthy than all those "free article submission" sites out there. Do you really trust information that nobody has checked for accuracy? 

What's more, the language in the press release is also very suspicious, if you read past the happy testimonials. 
"For a one time investment of $250 we would purchase a membership allowing us lifetime access to a travel portal with a guarantee of the best available prices on airfare, accommodations, and other travel related expenses. In addition we would have the opportunity to build a financially rewarding in home business."
Notice that there's no link between the travel portal and the home business. If you're NOT selling travel as the home business, then what ARE you selling?  Yet in the very next sentence, they are talking about the portal as if that is the product.

"Was the product itself worth the monetary investment? Would we use the product if we had no interest in building a business? After many long hours of comparing online travel sites to TVI using specific dates, locations, hotels, and even car rentals we were totally satisfied that a single trip even of relatively short duration would produce savings that exceeded the $250 membership."
However, there was no discussion on just WHICH online travel sites they have compared with TVI Express backoffice (which we all know, and admitted by Tarun Trikha, to be Travelocity). Can you really beat Travelocity price by that much? This is where some concrete evidence would help, but none to be had. This whole thing is vague, vague, and vague.

Then the article gets really weird, because the next sentence just about admits that TVI Express is a pyramid scheme:
"fees generated through the travel portal and industry leading membership growth far exceed the financial obligations to its members."  
Note that no proportion was ever mentioned, nor the fact that TVI Express says very specifically that "you don't need to sell any products", but you do "need to recruit two members". If member growth exceeds financial obligations to its members, and there is no sales, then one must conclude that the financial obligations to its members are being paid by new members, which is a pyramid scheme.

Then the author tries to claim that TVI Express leadership is accessible:
"We have had the opportunity to speak directly with several company leaders and with members of the staff. Access was not difficult and our concerns were always handled in a prompt and professional manner."
No exact names or methods were mentioned. It is likely that they have talked to the uplines (and uplines of their uplines). Those are not company leaders, but independent sales team leaders.
"Within one week we cycled the first matrix and made $500."
What they don't tell you is they dragged 14 other people into TVI Express, and sold nothing. And that $500? $250 went into their "eWallet", and $250 is a 'voucher code' used to recruit someone else. They are receiving money directly from the new recruits. AND there are fees involved to turn that $250 in the eWallet to real money in a bank, UNLESS you convert THAT to a voucher code as well, and sell it to another recruit. That makes it a "money transfer scam".

Then they blame the critics by assigning them ulterior motives. 
TVI has certainly had its detractors, some that tried the system and failed, some involved with other opportunities that believe they can only be successful if they create doubts in others. This is not new or unique, companies quite offer suffer set backs when coping with phenomenal growth. 
And who is blaming phenomenal growth? Not TVI Express itself. Where on their website did they say anything about phenomenal growth had caused them setbacks? The TVI Express distributors are INVENTING EXCUSES for TVI Express.
TVI’s booking system for member vacations is still a work in progress; we believe that once it is completed it will have been well worth the wait and inconvenience. The truth is we did not join for a one time perk but to build a sustainable and successful in home business.
NO SALES WAS MENTIONED AT ALL. And if TVI Express can't even deliver the free perks, how can they be a real travel company to its members? 

Recruiting people into a pyramid scheme is NOT a sustainable or successful home business. It is fraud.

In summary, this is yet another example of "TVI Express Member Lies". They say all the good things, with vague supporting evidence that does not stand up to detailed examination. They leave out the real objections, and hope you don't notice the problems in their statements, when compared to outside evidence.
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