Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Zombie Articles from LarryWellsReview

We're previously highlighted Larry Wells on June 21st 2011 about how he's reviving Zombie Content.  However, Larry Wells is back with even MORE zombie content... about TVI GAT.

This is a double zombie... not only is the article a zombie, the team it referred to, TVIGAT, have abandoned TVI Express in 2010 altogether, and is now just GAT. Here's the proof:
(26-APR-2010) ...Clay Montgomery, the creator of GAT, took all this into consideration and decided to drop TVI as our primary program. So far we have joined TVI Express and Ad-renaline. We are currently shopping for a new program that will be even better for our structure than TVI Express...
Thus, the 5 comments this article have are clearly fakes. Any simple check will revealed that TVIGAT is long expired and is already putrifying, and thus, are all the articles touting benefits of TVIGAT.

Which makes Larry Wells not only a zombie revivifier, but a liar.

Yes, the TVIGAT websites are still up. And they are zombies too.

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