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NEWSFLASH: More Vietnamese News on How Illegal TVI Express is

Following is from Vietnamese newspaper. Basically, thousands are duped, and perps have disappeared. Local lawyers explained that the whole thing's illegal: it's pyramid scheme, illegal operating as bank, AND giving out illegal receipts, PLUS business not registered in Vietnam. It's illegal on EVERY level, and it's the SAME SORT of lies they told in China, Indonesia, and other countries.

Trap network, "International tourism"
22/07/2011 16:53:14
With attractive gimmicks "just traveling, just make money" with the bonus of up to $ 500, $ 10,000 and the opportunity to receive the reward of great value such as cars, villas, yachts, Private jet (?), causes many people in HCMC and neighboring provinces' sa trap. "Time, the "members" of "international tourist train TVIExpress" is very frustrating because you think you have been scammed big amount ...

If the former, multi-level activities are usually well known business in commodities such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, now this method has "transformed" into another form. It is the consumer (NTD) to participate as members not to sell products that are involved in "international tourist train TVIExpress" to "just traveling, just make money."

According to the ad units, this organization is the latest money worldwide. TVIExpress is an organization of travel e-commerce combined to give members the opportunity of travel and volume of reward. Participants only need to pay 275 USD (cash discount when booking travel) and invited 2 a companion (who also played 275 USD each), the participants at that first became members, issued its own code, and also have the opportunity to score bonus money (500 USD, $ 10,000), in kind and travel around the world (?) ...
Because advertising is so compelling style like so when opened in Ho Chi Minh in May 3 / 2010, International Tourism Offices TVI Express (referred to Ho Chi Minh TVI) has attracted many people to find understand and sign up to participate from the first day.
Ms. Do Thi Hoang Oanh (51 years old, live in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh), said that as directed by a friend, she sought to office in Ho Chi Minh TVI (Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Da Kao Ward, District 1) and here she is the staff menu was offered.

According to the explanation of the company, the amount that the member pay 275 USD to participate (as pre-booking discount travel) will be deducted from the cost of traveling by tour organized by the company. In addition, the participating members, to invite two friends traveling (each played 275 USD), the members had a chance to get 500 USD (only an opportunity but not yet received). And so, each fellow must continue to invite two people to accompany the same again ... until this prescription (prescription green area) for 15 of the first participants will receive $ 500 and "exit" Court to-gray.

Registration form and receipts for membership "discount when booking travel" of TVI HCMC to customers has not signed the director, chief accountant and seal with ... mango seeds.

According to repeat a similar process, members will also have the opportunity to receive $ 10,000, then receive $ 10,000 and more than once approached with the opportunity to receive valuable artifacts such as the ... See the newly travel re just too easy to earn, on 24 / 3, she immediately ordered seven Oanh number of foreign travel for themselves and their families with a total deposit is $ 1,925 (exchange rate 19.350d/USD ). However, shortly thereafter, Ms. Oanh hear information and suspicious activity units "illegal" should be rushed to reclaim the money, but until now still not been resolved.

According to our understanding, the members of the Ho Chi Minh TVI not only in Ho Chi Minh, but also many other localities, such as Dong Nai, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan ... Each member holds at least 1-2 code, which members decided to buy tens of code to look forward to receiving the bonus. It is reported that so far the unit has disappeared from Ho Chi Minh and hugged the large amount of members.

Lawyer Nguyen Van Hau - vice-chairman of Lawyers Ho Chi Minh said, according to Decree 110/2005/ND-CP of the Government's multi-level sales, the TVI requirements Oanh she became close to 275 USD members are violations of law. This Decree also specifies requirements prohibit people who want to participate must pay, or pay any fee in the form of courses, training courses, seminars, social activities or other similar activities to be right to participate in multi-level sales network, except for material purchase.
On the other hand, the behavior of TVI also competition law violations and are considered illegal multi-level sales; According to Decree No. 51/2010/ND - CP dated 14/5/2010 on the bill of sale, supply services, the voucher bill is set by the seller and the sales to billing.Therefore, the behavior of TVI billing will be handled for administrative violations, a fine of 5 million to 20 million for failing to bill the sales value of more than 200,000 payment to the purchase, and to invoice the buyer.

To protect themselves, consumers should consider carefully before signing the contract, rather than letting the consequences before you proceed with the complaint or lawsuit. So keep in mind: Always be careful and look before signing the contract; look needs to make a decision yourself first, always active in signing the contract to find out information about prices and content products on the market before the decision before you buy to read the offerings, learn about business, as well as the prestige of enterprises supplying goods or providing services

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