Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEWSFLASH: More Indonesians go to police to report TVI Express Scam

Another victim of TVI Express, tired of waiting for empty promises to be filled, went to the police and reported fraud.
Wednesday, 06-07-2011 
Member TVI Express Kena Tipu
Report to Mapolres Majene
Majene, Upeks - Unable to bear in limbo waiting for certainty, one member of TVI Express named Mandehe citizens Lipu Environment  Labuang Village, District Banggae, Tuesday (5 / 7) to report to Mapolres Majene.
Mandehe approach the police requested that the case of fraud  committed by the TVI Express immediately investigated.
Mandehe, told reporters on Tuesday (5 / 7), said the act of managing TVI Express Majene, making it suffered losses of tens of millions  of dollars.
"I've had enough promise promised I finally reported it to police, imagine almost seven months there is also the realization, "said Mandehe.
Further, said Mandehe, said, the beginning of this fraud action, when invited to join in. Mandehe TVI Express because they are very tempting promise to deposit the money for Rp60 million, with the reasons many people are benefited, including some officials in Majene.
"At that time, which I invite Mr. Haeruddin with Mr. Lutfi, he invited me and suggested that the deposit money amounting to Rp 60 million more through Mr. Lutfi's sister's account, with the agreement six months the fund has returned, but after entering the sixth month, there is no clarity, and so far I only received a bonus of Rp15 million, "said Mandehe.
Mandehe also admitted he had several times to take the effort to resolve amicably through consultations. But the problem can not be resolved so that forced resolved through legal processes.
Separately, as confirmed to the Police Kasatreskrim Majene, AKP Jubaedi, confirmed it had received reports from relevant Mandehe TVI Express.
"It was Mr. Mandehe come to us and reported the problem, only we do not know the exact chronology is still under investigation for business-related TVIExpress, soon we will call the reported for questioning, "said Jubaedi. ()
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