Sunday, July 3, 2011

More John Piro Zombie Spam revived by... Henry Martin?

Recently a guy called "Henry Martin SEO consultant" seem to be reviving some spam from John Piro.

Previously I've exposed John Piro as a hack who show you no facts about TVI Express that can be verified that you need to make a proper decision.

So who's this Henry Martin? If you go to the main site, , you get...

Guess this guy didn't pay his bills.

Domain reg to the site goes to

enrique clerigues
enrique clerigues
les gavines, 5-34

Enrique is how you say Henry in Spanish. And this guy is in Valencia, Spain (ES = Espana, or Spain)  

So is there a real Henry Martin? I doubt it. 

Why would a guy in Spain, adopt a generic "western name", claim to be SEO consultant, and have a subdomain dedicated to get-rich-fast schemes in INDIA? 

Search of Google shows there are THOUSANDS of links attributed to this website and various subdomains. 

This is so fishy it's almost hilarious. 
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