Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some Pakistani Spammer Didn't Get the Message about TVI Express

Clearly, he doesn't care if it's been declared haram in Indonesia since he ain't in Indonesia, but he posted the ad for "United States"...

The funny part is he's not even even advertising TVI Express itself, but a "feeder" program that truly sells nothing! This "Way to TVI" is based on of Malaysia and is a blatant copy of TVIGAT, which, as documented earlier, had divorced itself from TVI Express over a YEAR ago, finding TVI Express to be a scam. Clearly, someone have to filled the scam void.

You join "Way to TVI" for half price, then recruit people to fill up 2x2 matrices, then you're in TVI Express itself. Hah! Now this is a true pyramid scheme!

And who's our busy beaver? Mr. Faisa Shahzad showed up 111 times in Google, that's his specific e-mail address, all on classified ads, social networking, or similar spam-y soft targets.

Spam, spam, spam.

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