Sunday, August 7, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Another report of TVI Express fraud in Vietnam

Lose money to "travel rewards"Posted on  by nongdan24gInformation on an ad "just traveling, just make money" by "international tourist train TVI Express", many people have lost money.According to the ad company TVI Express Travel Group International (with offices in Hanoi and HCMC), all customers have the opportunity to travel around the world for cheap and still get a reward value such as cars, yachts, villas ...Accordingly, participants must pay 275 USD / person to buy the code, if you invite two participants (each person must pay 275 USD), the first will become a member, issued its own code and have the opportunity to accumulate points.Traveling with "aircraft papers"How to earn points TVI Express Company is divided into two levels (prescription and prescription desk gray green areas). The level of court awards green areas are incentives such as discounted tours from 10% to 40% and free cash six days at room 3-5 star hotels.For Gray Court, in addition to the above incentives also have the opportunity to receive bonuses laptops, cars and other valuables is expensive.Those who after a membership to entice more people to participate for a chance to increase the score. Any members who earn the 15 who will receive $ 500 and turn gray car desk.Membership votes and denunciations of the victims sent authorities. Photo: TTShe TTKH (District 2, HCMC) said: "May 3.2011, our office TVI Express International Tourism in Vietnam travel registration. The employee said that if I invited more people will be free to go with seven guest rooms in five-star standard hotel and received numerous awards by accumulating points. I find attractive registration deposit $ 1,375 in tickets purchased for loved ones, then wait skeptical saw nothing. "He NVN (Binh Thanh District, HCM City) said he had bought the code and introduce friends to join the "international tourist train.""The couple have calculated travel, advertising companies that are attractive, easy money, so I borrowed money to buy your friends code, hoping to win. But when we ask for refunds, the company does not accept "- Mr. N. said.Mr. N. Similarly, many people want to be winners collected several codes. After the trap that many have paid membership cards and asked the company TVI Express repayment.However, institutes relating to contracts signed between companies and customers (not cancel the contract without refund), representing TVI Express does not accept refund.Deformation of multi-level salesAccording to the denunciations of Heng Do Thi Oanh (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City), May 3.2011, the company TVI Express she registered travel abroad at a price of 275 USD / ticket. "I bought seven tickets to travel to relatives and friends for $ 1,925 first deposit. After hearing the company can not organize tours, I claim to refund. The company repeatedly promised but not a refund "- Ms. Oanh urgent.He TVG (Binh Tan, HCMC) commented: "The list of prizes given by the company are in the province, unknown address, phone number. We have many questions but the TVI Express City refused to explain. "Between January 5.2011, the company TVI Express suddenly "missing" that the missing members spend large sums of money to buy the code "suck Sapindales."According to our research, our company had inspectors TVI Express VH-Sports and Tourism of Vietnam record of violations "does not permit the organization of domestic travel business, no business license ...."

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