Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Even more Indonesians went to police for TVI Express fraud

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Tuesday, 02-08-2011 
Adrift, Member TVI Express Report
Majene, Upeks - Unable to bear her case in limbo waiting for certainty, a member TVI Express back to report to Mapolres Majene, Saturday (30 / 7).
They went to the police requested that suspected cases of fraud committed by the TVI Express immediately investigated.
Four of the victims who have felt cheated by business Multi Level Marketing (MLM), one by one came and reported his fate to the police, the alleged fraud committed by TVI Expres danjaringan agent.
Ahmad (50), one of the victims when giving out information on Mapolres Majene confessed reported the case to the police to immediately conduct a thorough investigation caused the TVI Express, which led to losses of tens of millions.
"Because it's a lot of casualties, I beg the police to investigate this case, I've worried whether the money will go back to
the hand or not, "said Ahmad.
Member others, admitted that it had been eight months more, money has been paid to follow the business did not come back.
"Isn'T for the principal (capital) amounting to Rp20 million more that we have deposited, for a bonus of 5 million promised until now never liquid, "he said.
Separately, as confirmed to Invisible Majene Criminal Police, the AKP Jubaedi, admitted until now there are 8 people who came
to report their case to the police. "Until last Saturday had 8 people who formally report, and possibly Monday following a report will come," said Jubaedi
Furthermore Jubaedi said, after completion memeriksaan to all witnesses the complainant, will be developed further investigation. "All the reports have been received will be immediately
acted upon, will be explored or studied as well as collecting evidence, but the plan Tuesday, we will call one witness from the TVI Express named Darsa
for questioning, "said Jubaedi.
Invisible Reskrim also appealed to the public to immediately report to the police related business fraud Ekpress TVI. "We appeal to people who feel aggrieved, please report it to us, do not do vigilante justice or anarchist, trust us, encouraged also to
the public for the time being to be unaffected MLM business are not clear, "he concluded. ()


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