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NEWSFLASH: PT TVI Express Indonesia permit revoked

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BKPM Review Permit TVI Birthday Express

TEMPO / Dasril Roszandi
EMPO Interactive ,Jakarta - The government is processing the reports of illegal direct sales activities by PT Travel Ventures International (TVI Express)."Now the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is reviewing the investment permits granted to TVI Express corporate travel," said Director of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, Jimmy Bella, Wednesday, August 3, 2011. 

BKPM Review permit made ​​at a joint meeting of Task Handling Allegations Unlawful Actions in the Field of Community and fund raising Investment Management two weeks ago. The Task Force is a joint team consisting of Bapepam-Finance Institutions, Ministry of Commerce, Bank Indonesia, Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, National Police Criminal Investigation and Prosecution. 

PT TVI Express is a travel services company that runs the business by way of direct sales or multi-level markerting. However, based on reports the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia (APLI), these companies do not have legal permission to do direct sales activities. 

Later, rumors and complaints that alleged fraud committed under the guise of direct sales company. Some people claim to have signed up to be a member of TVI Express direct sales by paying particular fund.However, do not get the promised bonuses or benefits. 

Jimmi went on to explain, actually TVI Express begin doing business in Indonesia since last year. Trading License (original) of the Trade Office in Jakarta. 

On June 9, 2010, there were complaints from APLI, that the company does not have the legality of conducting direct sales. Still in the same month, the Ministry of Trade and make clarifications to TVI. "At that time, they claimed to have been taking care of SIUPL (Direct Sales Business License) in the near future," he said. 

According to Jimmy, the meeting decided, the Ministry of Commerce prohibits companies doing direct sales activities. 

Then, in December 2010, the Ministry of Commerce held a coordination meeting again both with APLI. The Association remains adamant that the PT TVI Express run a direct sales activities illegal. 

As a follow-up coordination meeting, the Ministry of Commerce sent a letter to PT TVI Express APLI related allegations. "However, there was no answer from them," he said. 

Finally, the Ministry of Commerce sent a letter to the Department of Commerce to revoke the Business License Jakarta PT TVI Express."Now SIUP issued at the Trade Office of DKI Jakarta has been revoked," he said. 

But, it turns out, before the Business License revoked, PT TVI Express holding foreign investors. So that they apply for foreign investment to the BKPM. So, if any business activities conducted by TVI, was based on the permission of BKPM. Even so, there remains permit direct sales activities for TVI Express. 

"This is a technical ministry effort under Task Handling Alleged Unlawful Actions in the Field of Community fund raising and investment management to prevent fraudulent guise of money game," said Jimmy .

Now we just wait for the results of a review of BKPM and search in the field. Although in fact found the company did not do direct sales again, but if found there is fraud, it must be followed. "So if there should be a revocation, they remain responsible in the event of fraud," said Jimmy. 


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