Friday, July 23, 2010

TVI Express stole ANOTHER image

Previously, we had pointed out that TVI certificate border was stolen. However, they've now stolen something dear to Americans: an image of American president, Barack Obama

This is what TVI Express used for their latest newsletter.

 If above picture is not showing, here's an alternate link:

EDIT: But that's a ripoff of this Alex Ross portrait of "Obamaman" shown below. Just compare the back of hands, and the creases along the sleeves, the creases of the shirts, and the tie. All they did was chop off the belt, the head, and replace the shirt with TVI Express logo.

Same black suit, same tie.

Previously I thought it was a ripoff of the Superman cover below. I was wrong.

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Stefan said...

Some additional information about Ros (Rosalyn) Kaspi and TVI can be found in a new article that you can find on:

You can read how Ros Kaspi was caught red handed in a nasty matter of copyright infringement!