Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Delusional Indonesians Under TVI Express spell

Previously I have reported that the Indonesian branch of TVI Express have resorted to "manufacture" TVI Express news coverage to disguise its scam-y nature, by asking "citizen reporters" to write articles. The result is 4 articles that basically repeated whatever TVI Express said to write... a press release disguised as news.

As expected, TVI Express distributors in Indonesia are picking this coverage up as if the entire nation will soon be rich by joining this organization that sells nothing except a one-time membership... that provides nothing useful, cost $250, and promises "touching lives". 

And there's my old lying friend: tviexpressdollar.com and Rudy Phan. He even has photos of those articles as if they actually prove anything, as they just repeat whatever was said by whoever the "reporter" interviewed, with absolutely NO verification or any interview with someone with actually some AUTHORITY, such as member or spokesman of APLI, the Indonesia Direct Selling Organization.

I've previously proven that Rudy Phan's math is flawed, and TVI Express is doomed. In fact, supposed Mr. Rudy Phan himself came to "debate" me on his logic. After being drubbed twice, he failed to reappear.

Which goes on to prove that he's publishing bull****, just like Kaspi and Jackson. However, Kaspi and Jackson eventually gave up their lying ways. How long will Rudy Phan take, and how many victims will he drag with him?


Unknown said...

In Indonesia, already has Islamic organisation say That TVI is"haram" ( forbidden for Islamic religion ).


GuyReviews said...

Just found that reference this morning. Thanks. Tell UPEKS to stop publishing their "advertisements"