Saturday, April 17, 2010

TVI Express owner: Tarun Trikha?

With my investigation of TVI Express, one name that keeps coming up is Tarun Trikha, resident of New Delhi, India.

If you look on, under "Advisory Board", you'll see his name under "India". At least one TVI Express "fan" site called him "Asia Pacific Head, TVI Express".

Further digging revealed he used to run an outfit called V2 Global. According to his own profile on MoneyMaker Group website, he specializes in Internet Marketing, and that is what V2 Global does. He had a website called but that expired a while back.

On ConsumerComplaints of India he was named as one of the co-owners of TVI Express. While this is not exactly proof, it is one of the first real NAMES we have that is attached to the company. This item was repeated at an ex-TVI member memorial site. A "letter to editor" in India pointed to him as close to the top, if not THE top of TVI Express.

Then BrokerJones dropped a bombshell... he traced the money of TVI Express to a company called VisionTech in California. And Tarun Trikha, according to BrokerJones, is the head, and had previously ran a similar scheme and made off with a huge amount of dollars. Not quite Madoff, but maybe mini-Madoff. (100K or so).

So what does Mr. Trikha look like? Here's a photo of him: (he's on the right)

And here's another picture, from a TVI Express "fansite" (It's in Thai) -->> It's the same picture as the blog.

And here is the same guy in China, pushing TVI Express and posing with friendly locals:

Definitely the same guy. So what does the blog entry actually say?

六月十號來自全國各地的120余名TVI鑽石會員,齊聚深圳,與代表公司的印度領導人Tarun Trikha共商TVI發展事宜。
June 10th (2009), 120 or so TVI "Diamond Associates" of TVI Express, from all over the country, gather in ShenZheng (Guandong, China), and met with India Leader Tarun Trikha, representing the company, to discuss further developements. 

據悉,自公司1月開始全球運作開始,全球共誕生6位皇冠會員。中國自3月份開始運作,就占了5位皇冠會員。另外一位就是Tarun Trikha。
TVI Express started operating globally in January 2009, and there was a total of six crown associates in the whole world.  TVI Express started operating in China in March 2009, and China has produced 5 of the crown associates. Mr. Trikha is the 6th.

The blog also says that Mr. Trikha already has 36000 downlines.(blog entry was dated June 2009)

Well, isn't that interesting. Based on this information, the only logical conclusion is that Mr. Trikha is the FIRST EVER member of TVI Express! He is "member zero"! Why else would he be "representing TVI Express"? A member don't get to do that, not even one on the advisory board!

So it is logical to assume that he either founded the company, or is very close to the founders. How else would he get to join TVI Express so early,and thus, reap all the benefits?

Now that you've seen "face of the enemy", what is your reaction?
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90recruitsin90days said...

Great job Kasey!!

Ted Nuyten said...

Hi Kasey,

Brilliant! I came to the same conclusion, them I run into your website. He has also hired and moved the UK office. I doubt the corporate guys & corporate advisory borad exist...

See my website for the details:

Best regards,

Ted Nuyten

Tonton said...

Great Job!!! said...

You fucking bastards are just jealous! Come over to Singapore, and I will show you the $10k which I got from TVI. So what the fuck you meant by scam??? Fucking morons!! said...

Hey Kasey,

Don't be an asshole!! You fucking bastards are just jealous! Come over to Singapore, and I will show you the $10k which I got from TVI. So what the fuck you meant by scam??? Fucking morons!!

It's either you are just plain lazy or stupid that doesn't know how the board system works!! This is not to pump in money and wait for you to receive money, morons!!

You can come to Singapore, my home address is Blk 137 Yishun Ring Road. I operate a mini-mart under the block. Do let me know when you will be coming so I can prepare proof to stuff it up your arsehole, motherfuckers!!!!!

GuyReviews said...

*Yawn*, your insult is so childish it's pathetic. Why don't you learn some proper dirty language? Thanks for showing off your dirty mouth though. Get some soap.

Showing off your "winnings" only proves how much of a fraud TVI Express is. Mathematically they CANNOT redeem all the trips AND pay you at the same time. Just demonstrated earlier today, proving another shill like you but in Indonesia his bad math is just that... bad.

And you can't even come up with an excuse WHY TVI Express is legal, other than "I'll show you the money", which is actually proof that TVI Express CANNOT be legitimate? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. said...

Only cowards like yourself will hide behind the screen. If you think TVI is illegal, let's meet up and we shall discuss. Friday is a public Holiday, and I will having a presentation for my new members, you are welcome to attend and prove that you are not talking shits. Address is in the earlier post.

GuyReviews said...

*Yawn* You clearly have attention deficit disorder... If you want to pay for my ticket from the USA I'll gladly visit Singapore if I can make some time. Or did you not bother to read my Blogger profile at all? My location is quite public.

Or did you not keep up with news that TVI Express is already illegal in the US, specifically state of Georgia?

Or perhaps you are in denial? That's the first stage of grief/loss.

And how *do* you explain why Tarun Trikha is no longer on the advisory board?

Whether I am a coward or not is not relevant to the issue that TVI Express is a scam and a fraud. I have a ton of evidence, you just have a potty mouth that needs to be washed with soap.

GuyReviews said... -- Your comment has been denied due to bad language.

That is so funny. Clearly you ran out of proper arguments and is now resorting to even dirtier language. I LAUGH at your infantile attempts to flame.

Unknown said...

Way to go Kasey! You are really a brilliant and sensible person. Thank you so much for this blog that saves people from getting involved with scrupulous companies that literally discredit the wonderful industry of Network Marketing. And a case in point, I understand that TVI envisions to be one of the leader in ONLINE Business. My question is, why is it TVI don't accept Major Credit Cards as a form of payment for new enrollees, if it is truly a legitimate Online "travel business"..? Just askin..


GuyReviews said...

@Rex -- because credit card allows chargebacks (i.e. disputes).

The credit card fraud gotten so bad that Solid Trust Pay stopped doing business with them.

Comment by STP here:

And confirmed by STP here:

Unknown said...

The comments from those in MLM are always the same - it is usually the sign of a desperate cult member to defend their business scam opportunity.

GuyReviews said...

@Monte -- I believe that a MLM *can* be operated legitimately. However, the system itself has some major weaknesses that often leads to endemic abuse. Some people don't agree.

Think of it as a "scale"

1: traditional business
5: MLM such as Amway with real products, operated legitimately
7: legitimate MLM operated as if it is a recruiting-driven scam
9: Scams pretending to be MLM

Saying "all MLMs are evil" would be a bit of a sweeping generalization and stereotyping. On that little "scale" above, I draw the "scam" line at 7.5 (above are scam). Some people draw the line elsewhere, at maybe 4.5 or so.