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Chinese TVI Express distributor arrested -- dupe report

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OOPS!  Just realized this is refers to the SAME individual who was sentenced to 1 year in prison as stated earlier. This is NOT a separate case. Sorry!

Will food drop out of the sky? 

警惕“英国TVI 旅游快车”传销陷阱
Warning about "TVI Express" pyramid scheme trap

洞头新闻网 2009-10-28 10:36:03 
DongTow Newsnet

本网讯(通讯员 王静静 郭杰成)
Reported by Jingjing Wong, JieChen Guo, reporters for this agency

只要交271美金注册一个账号,成为TVI会员即可获得7天6夜住宿五星级酒店的假期、免费返程机票以及在线参加打折旅游活动,可能获得 15000美元的回报。天上真的能掉馅饼吗?
Just pay 271 USD, register an account, become TVI Express member, and get 7-day 6-night accommodation at 5-star hotel, free return ticket, and online participation of discount travel activities, and you can get $15000 USD in return. Will food really fall out of the sky?

Recently, Dongtow Police have speedily investigated and broke open a pyramid scheme organization in this area, headed by Jiang and Chen, called TVI Express. The facts will warn those who are desperate for money: the promised huge reward is just a pretty overcoat, hiding the fraud known as pyramid scheme.

August 31st (2009), out investigation unit received a tip from a citizen, that he was tricked into buying TVI Express membership, in order to enjoy free travel, and to earn additional reward by recruiting. The several thousand Yuan he had paid for membership is gone.

After the report, Ministry of Public Security started the investigation, and over the period of over a month, have gradually revealed this Internet-based pyramid scheme organization called TVI Express.

Investigation revealed that during may through July (2009), suspect Chen was introduced to TVI Express by a Mr. Jiang, and joined the organization.

Later, Chen, using the bait of "buy travel card for free trips to foreign countries, earn up to 15000 USD super high reward" to introduce Jeng, Woo, and many other individuals to the fraud, and told each to develop even more downlines in order to raise his own level, to qualify for more rewards.

As the conclusion of the investigation, Chen has total of 404 downlines registered, involving actually 70 people, and up to three boards. Money amount involved is in excess of 800000 Yuan.

Suspect Chen and Jiang have been arrested for organizing and leading illegal pyramid scheme, and have been charged and held by Public Security. The investigation is still ongoing.

责任编辑:唐露露 Editor: Lulu Tang

And here's another report of the same incident, with the actual page of the newspaper.
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