Thursday, May 24, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch of new blog "A MLM Skeptic"

Actually I launched the new blog almost a month ago, but didn't mention it here.

"A MLM Skeptic" is an examination of MLM industry and Pseudo-MLM Scams, as well as their relatives like Ponzi scheme, through a skeptic's eyes. It goes into some of the most often used excuses by MLMers to "defend" their scheme, how to see through such fallacies (if they are indeed fallacies), and how to find the real information you need to make the proper decisions.

There will be periodically highlights of specific companies though mainly as study on how a company's claim may not match up to reality. However, majority of posts will concentrate on the various cognitive biases that trick the victims into believing something they shouldn't.

So, if you have a chance, visit my new blog "A MLM Skeptic"

Below are some recent posts in that blog:

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