Friday, May 18, 2012

TVI Express claims to be freedom fighters?

Well, maybe not TVI Express itself, but a couple Saudi TVI Express members with delusions of grandeur certainly think so:

First of all, MLM is haram in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, all forms of MLM is haram. So these guys just admitted they are not true Muslims, basically, by participating in haram business.

Second, "freedom fighters" is usually a fancy term for rebels... planning rebellion. (If you win, you're called freedom fighters. If you lose, you're called rebels). So what are these guys trying to do? Promoting a scam, or planning to overthrow the Wahhabi government of Saudi Arabia?

(Yes, I am joking. These folks can't even write a "pun" about "financial freedom" properly.)

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joe said...

This program is a joke and the people participating in it are delusional greedy losers, who have no clue how real businesses are supposed to be built. I have seen good ethical people turn into liars and money hungry mobs to get others register under them. This is what such programs turn you into.

Sadly, it is becoming a cult in countries like Saudi Arabia where the average joe doesn't know much about how such things operate. I highly doubt they could function now in other advanced countries.

Kasey Chang said...

I think it's the wide divide between the have and the have-not that inspires the have-not to take such risks in joining scams ignoring all the signs that such scams are illegal AND haram.

You think the "occupy movement" in the US would recognize that we had it MUCH MUCH better than many other countries, but that's going WAY off topic. We may be the 1/99 as the occupy-folks say, but in Saudi Arabia it's like 0.01/99.99