Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, well, my own name on Ripoff Report... as a scammer! How cute

Someone pointed me to my own handle KsChang on Ripoff Report!

Complaint about "Kacey Chang", posted December 2011. 

The complaint got a couple details right: I do run a few blogs, and I do live in in San Francisco, but that's obviously from my Blogger profile, which can be read easily by any one.

But the fact that the guy can't even get my name spelled right, linked to an empty G+ profile (I have my own and it's not that) and provided a picture of random Asian dude in Los Angeles (Staples Center, hmmm?) makes this a rather lame fake complaint.

What's more, the timing for this, December 2011, would make it BEFORE Zeek and before Wazzub.

Which pretty much leaves TVI Express members as the ones making up this ****.

And given the lack of details (except the stuff found on my Blogger profile), it is probably one of the people who came to "debate" me on my blog.

Which suggests that it's some Filipino fans of TVI Express, as TVI Express is dead just about everywhere else.
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