Tuesday, August 21, 2012

China continues to find TVI Express clones

Beijing DOJ discovered a chuan-xiao (pyramid scheme) that borrowed TVI Express organization to sell medical stuff, breaking many Chinese laws, and have made arrests.


Following translation was by Google (and thus reads quite badly)

Justice Network, Guangxi, July 30 (correspondent Li Nan) time of just 12 months, by the way of the network pyramid scheme to recruit 32,000 people to buy the product, the total amount of money involved reached 170 million yuan. Recently, the the Guangxi Laibin City District Procuratorate on suspicion of organizing and leading MLM crime approved the arrest of to Hwang, of Jeong, YuanMou, Zengmou, the side of a Jiangmou, Sumou, Lee 8 mega network MLM gang members by the public security organs in the implementation of the arrest.

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