Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Shine" is back with more bull**** explanations

"Shine", with an IP address that traced to Saudi Arabia, is back with more moronic comments, where he replies to questions about the legitimacy of TVI Express with "just look at our website".

The only proof that "Shine" have of ethical practice is "look at TVI Express website".

Anybody can write anything on a website. Didn't the entire world got punked when someone put up a website that claimed Internet Explorer users have lower IQ? That turned out to be a hoax. Website in itself is no proof.

Furthermore, TVI Express has been long documented to be a liar and obfuscator when it comes to "truth".

And you expect people to believe TVI Express actually has ethical conduct? Is it ethical to ignore all these problems and concerns?

The "stealing dreams" comment is even more inane, because in a pyramid scheme, in order to have your dream, you have to steal 200+ other people's dreams. (15 person pyramid, 2 of them, comes out to be 225, minus yourself, so 224 people, less if one or more buys multiple memberships) And to achieve their own dreams, they each have to steal 224 more people's dreams.

That's the scam part about pyramid schemes... instead of they scamming 200+ people, they have YOU scamming 200+ people. And because they're in India, when police come, they will come after YOU, not TVI Express. Police can't get to TVI Express, but they can get to you.

Furthermore, MLM and pyramid scheme are outlawed by Islam, and Indonesian Islamic Council on Ache already declared TVI Express a scam.

I suspect "shine" here is a foreign worker or immigrant to Saudi Arabia, probably from Philippines or Indonesia. Does Saudi Arabia still institute caning for haram practices, such as scamming people out of money?
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