Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ed from Phillipines tries the bogus "TVI is a club" argument

A certain guy who used the handle "ed" decided to recycle the "TVI Express is a buyer's club" argument in hopes of convincing me (and my readers) that TVI Express is legitimate.

His argument has multiple parts

1) TVI Express is a club (therefore it is legitimate)

2) Uplines hellp people who are under them to cycle them out

3) If you are against TVI Express, you are ruining people's lives

Let's examine them one at a time.

1) Is TVI Express a "club"? (or a "gym", which is a fitness club)

The answer is NO, because the "service" that it offers, i.e. selection of hotels, airfare, and so on, can be had for FREE on Travelocity and other Internet travel giants.

Besides, what exactly *do* you sell in TVI Express? Do you actually sell trips, airfare, hotel, and so on? No! You sell MEMBERSHIP! (Which allegedly gives you discounts on trips, but we've already explained that same discounts can be had elsewhere for FREE)

Thus, TVI Express is NOT a club. This is a BOGUS argument, and it's one I had busted BEFORE.

2) Do Uplines help their own downlines to cycle out?

Frankly, this makes NO SENSE whatsoever, because the mathematics do NOT support it.

Simply answer this question: if it's so lucrative, why don't the upline cycle himself out by buying as many memberships as he can?

Because it can't be done. To cycle out and make that alleged $10000, you need to pay TVI Express $56250, that's assuming 15x15x$250  (15 people per "board", 2 boards, $250 each person). Even if you count the first $500 (which is not really $500, but $250 in eWallet, with membership voucher "worth" $250)

Clearly, a lot of that 200+ $250 memberships must be paid by somebody ELSE. In fact VAST MAJORITY must be paid by someone else. A LOT of someone else's.

Thus, "your upline will pay for a few memberships to cycle you out" only PROVES that it's a pyramid scheme, not disprove it at all. They are willing to sacrifice some of their potential gain just to make you feel better about putting your money in.

3) Does speaking out against TVI Express ruin lives?

This is a fundamental lie. If a person does not join TVI Express, his or her circumstance does NOT change. Thus, it is NOT RUINED.

Joining TVI Express has tremendous risks. Not only can you lose the money you put in, and every person you recruit can hate you for life, including friends and family. Furthermore, you can be arrested for fraud by the government, as many people around the world have found out.

Sure, there's the POTENTIAL of getting that $10000, but is the risk worth it? Ed seem to think so, but his claim that NOT joining TVI Express ruins lives, is totally bogus.


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