Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another TVI Express Zombie Post on... Canada Home Biz?

More spam on these alleged biz blogs...

Just so where credit is due, the domain is owned by:

Domain name:
Domain status: registered
Creation date: 2011/01/17
Expiry date: 2016/01/17
Updated date: 2011/03/17

Name: Co.
Number: 156

Name: 1395158 Ontario Inc

Administrative contact:
Name: Kris Sheldon
Postal address: 105 Sheldon Road
Portland ON K0G1V0 Canada
Phone: +1.6132723323

However, he didn't make the video. If you go to the Youtube website, you find that the video was actually made by an Aussie by the name of Mark Nelson, who used the Youtube Handle "bestHomeBizEva", and he only ever posted THREE videos, all at the end of 2009, when he first registered. Two are promoting TVI Express, and one's bashing Polaris Media.  

So Kris Sheldon, you are a zombie revivifier. Stop spamming the web with zombie articles. 

Now back to Mark Nelson... He has a LinkedIn Profile that STILL says he's "Team Leader TVI Express". However, the websites linked to,, is no longer registered (domain expired). Given that Australia had pretty much sued TVI Express out of business there, this is no surprise. What's surprising is Kris Sheldon reviving the zombie spam of a long dead scam. 

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