Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Filipino TVI Express members, see your American predecessors use the same stupid tactics

Recently, I've highlighted a lot of Filipino TVI Express supporters blindingly offer up bogus defense of TVI Express either here on this blog, or at my "Hubpages" hubs. I have dissected such sorry excuses. [Here] , [here], [ here ], [ here ], [ here ],  [ here ],  and [ here ]

And you foolish Filipino TVI Express defenders are repeating history by being stupid. What you morons are doing is repeating the same things American TVI Express members have claimed against critics. Troy Dooly, who had been on MLM scene for a while, called TVI Express a scam back in 2009, and some guy named John Piro claimed Troy Dooly is full of ****. Here's Troy Dooly's response.

Actually, I've highlighted John Piro before. He eventually changed his mind about TVI Express... after almost a year. However, his previous zombie spamticles and zombie spamideos are still getting recycled / revivified by various "SEO" morons out there.

What you say now on the Internet will live on forever, proving you were once a moron, supported a scam.

Imagine your future EMPLOYER finding this out.
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