Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toto from Philippines: it's not illegal yet!

Got ANOTHER comment from the Philippines... which doesn't even try to refute the evidence presented at all:

Again, "toto" ignores the fact that it is not he who loses, but ALL THE PEOPLE HE RECRUITED that will lose. For every person who "gained" $10000, 200+ people put in $250 EACH into the system. The vacation is difficult to redeem, cost additional money to redeem, and you need to recruit 14 other people to "make your money back".

Toto doesn't care if the operation is illegal and can be shut down by the government at any time. He only cares that it's not illegal yet (nobody's been convicted in the Philippines), and he needs every recruit he can get (before then).

Toto is very good in telling ONE SIDE of the story and making in sound good.

I'm here telling you THE OTHER SIDE, the side they don't want you to know. 
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