Friday, November 4, 2011

Who is Jamie Hudson and why is his/her blog full of spam?

Following spam was found:

So who is this Jamie Hudson character? He (she?) claim to be a 15-year old Internet entrepreneur. Told you this field is a joke, when a 15-year old, who can't even legally sign contracts, wants to train you in Internet marketing. Hah!

Unfortunately for Jamie here, the domain is now a spam blog using regular Wordpress template. NONE of the Google links shown above work any more.

What's worse, the article itself was "spun", as you can notice there are subtle errors. "at an chance"? Clearly the original word was "opportunity" and "chance" was substituted without fixing the "an". And if you look up the article you see how it went through a rewriter.

It appears that our Internet Marketing Wonder Boy is out of business, and domain is used by spammers. 
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