Friday, November 11, 2011

Ed from Phillipines enjoys being deceived, admits so

Ed from Philippines wrote back after I pointed out flaws in his thinking.

The problem here is he doesn't care about the people who are under the people who are under him. According to him, it's just "other people's money", who cares about them?

That's the problem with a pyramid scheme: when it gets to be a couple layers removed, you no longer care about defrauding other people. You don't know them (except they're friend of a friend or relative of a relative) and thus, you don't give a **** about what happens to their money. All you care is that YOU benefited from this scam, and those immediately under you (who also "cycled out").

PYRAMID SCHEME IS ILLEGAL, and "ed" here basically admitted he doesn't give a **** as long as he got the money.

Is this sort of behavior that you want to join?
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