Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Never post video say scam is NOT scam online...

If you post videos of yourself saying a scam is NOT a scam, people will find your video years later, even after you changed your mind, found the truth, and be ridiculed ever after.

Such as this guy, whose video, though mostly eradicated from American sites, is reappearing on FRENCH video sites:

The URL referred to, toptviexpressteam.com, is dead. That should tell you how old this video is.

Second, I know TopTVIExpressTeam. They jumped ship to "Revolving Relay" (another pyramid scheme) back in June 2010. You can find them in the archives of this very blog.

Thus, if you claim a scam is not a scam, your own infamy will outlast the scam itself.

And if you actually visit the link, you'll find dozens of people committed the same mistake: put their own face on a video, reading from a script, that says "TVI Express is great opportunity", without real understanding.

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