Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alex from Philippines can't tell what's legitimate vs. what's legal

Take a look at the following comment posted by a "alex of philippines"

The problem with this post is fallacy of equivocation: saying one thing when it really means something else. In this case, "alex" basically claims that if a business did its proper registration for paying taxes and such, it must be a legitimate company, and CANNOT be illegal.

A business can have all its paperwork in order, but if it operates as a pyramid scheme, it surely IS illegal. It is legitimate in the sense that it has all the paperwork in order, but NOT in the sense that it is operating as a non-fraud. Yet alex seem to think they are the same: paperwork = not fraud, when it's illogical.

As for having presidents and other leaders in town, so what? Indonesian branch of TVI Express got its license revoked. They had presidents and other officers too.

The rest is just "I made money so it can't be scam". That's equivocation too. They are defining scam as "took my money can didn't give me anything", when scam covers a lot more than that, such as a pyramid scheme (which is pretty much proven conclusively several times over, based on TVI Express's own info).

All three parts of the argument / evidence are bogus.

So "alex", I hope God bless you and you don't get arrested for promoting a fraud, but I feel wrath from your friends and family coming soon...
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