Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Filipino TVI Express supporter demonstrates lack of brain

A certain "Cris" posted two identical comments under two TVI Express related hubs:
 The IP address given is traced to Cavite, which is next to Manila, Philippines.

The problem is, NEITHER comment was posted in response of a review of TVI Express.

The first comment (with CRIS) was posted under "Real News Articles about TVI Express that Your Upline Would Not Dare to Show You". It was not a review, but links and excerpts from around the world, a dozen different countries, all saying TVI Express is a scam.

The second comment (with cris) was posetd under "TVI Express Weasel Review Volume 7", where I reviewed someone else's review, showing the readers that this reviewer is extremely biased, only talk about the good stuff, with distorted information, and none of the bad stuff.

Neither of which is a review of TVI Express. Yet "Cris" certain thinks they are. Yet "he" accuses me of "without brain or understanding"? Clearly, "Cris" flunked "reading comprehension" in school. He can't even post the comments under a proper hub, but must resort to posting irrelevant SPAM to get his point across.

And the part about changing lives in Indonesia? What a joke. PT TVI Express Indonesia has had their license revoked and members ARRESTED for fraud. Furthermore, we have proven time and time again "it pays therefore it is legit" is a fallacy.

Cris here is a parrot who can only do what his (her?) upline told him to do: go defend TVI Express. As a result, it proves TVI Express members are gullible, and easily mislead.

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