Saturday, October 1, 2011

More TVI Express Filipinos in denial

Yet ANOTHER Filipino came to 'defend' TVI Express, except he has nothing new to say, except trot out the fallacy: "if it pays, it must be legit."

First of all, to disprove the falsehood "if it pays, it must be legit", one only needs to give a simple counter-example where this is NOT true: Bernard Madoff's Decade-long Ponzi Scheme that involved BILLIIONS of dollars.

But let's rehash a bit on how TVI Express pyramid scheme works...

In a 1-2-4-8 pyramid, i.e. 2x3 forced matrix, if each person paid $250 into the system, then 15 people would have paid $3750 into the system.

And TVI Express pay you back a lousy $500, and none of that is real money. It's $250 in eWallet, and $250 in a "membership voucher code" which you must sell to a new member. In other words, TVI Express turned you into an accomplice of its scam. You are DIRECTLY PAID, NEW MEMBER PAYING OLD MEMBER. This PROVES it is a pyramid scheme.

So how do you get the $10000? We've done the math before, but let's do it again. Every person that moved to "Express Board" must have "cycled out" of the Traveler board, which is that 15-person pyramid shown earlier. So total people in the scam is 15x15, or 225, and amount of money in system is $56250. ($250*225)

From that, you subtract $10000 for the payout, plus 15x500 (let's assume those are cash, instead of stupid eWallet for the money), total payout is $17500. TVI Express profit is $38750.

From which, they can easily put $10000 to 20000 to pay for a FEW trips (not 225 trips, maybe 50 to 100) and pocket the rest as their "profit", without having sold ANYTHING (other than the right to participate in this scam, i.e. "membership"). Those who got the trips will be talking up TVI Express and entice more people to join. Then when money starts getting tight, they'll start giving people the run-around, and when the government started to crack down (like in Indonesia) they now have legitimate reason not to give out ANY TRIPS, more money they can keep in their pockets!

Remember, in a pyramid scheme, even if you manage to get a big payout, you did it on the backs of the people you recruited. THEY PAID INTO the system so you can take money OUT. For them to take money out, even MORE VICTIMS must pay into the system. The more disparate the ratio of payout (put in $250, get $10000), the more victims you must recruit.

Furthermore, a business can be registered to pay taxes and registered as a corporation, but still operate illegally with an illegal business model. In the US, you can register a corporation for $100, and get a Federal Tax ID for free. It doesn't mean your business MODEL is legal. It just means it is "legally registered".

Yet TVI Express believers want you to think that if TVI Express provided proper documentation to the government (legally registered), they must be operating legally.The problem here is, legally means two separate things. Operating legally here actually means they did all the company is supposed to do when they operate: get tax ID and establish corporation if needed. However, that TVI Express want you to think is "legally" in the sense that "it is not fraudulent".

Or to give you a different example: let's say I was driving and was stopped by police. They check my ID. My ID is valid.

So my ID is legal.

They give me a speeding ticket for driving too fast.

My ID is still legal. However, I was not driving legally.

See the difference?

TVI Express wants you to think that because they have IDed themselves to the government, they must be operating legally.

In reality, allt hat proves is they have followed THAT ONE provision of the law that requries company to operate to do certaint hings, such as register with the government. It does NOT MEAN that the company's business model is legal or legitimate.

Yet that is what TVI Express promoters, such as Jaboangga here, want you to think: just because TVI Express registered with Filipino government, it must be operating legally, except "legally" here means "complied with requirements to registere company", but Jaboangga want you to think legally means "not fraudulent".

THAT intentional misinterpretation is yet ANOTHER fraud.
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