Friday, October 7, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Indonesian Policewoman under suspicion of TVI Express fraud

Apparently this policewoman took up TVI Express scamming as a sidejob

(following autotranslated by Google)

Case Examination TVI Express Slow
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Written by Syafri Harahap on Friday, 07 October 2011 04:13   
MEDAN (alert): The process of examination of the police 
woman (policewomen) Ipda Megawati, suspected cases of fraud and 
embezzlement against a number of victims who become a member of 
TVI Exspress seem sluggish.

Although the case reported since July, police investigator 
handling the case of North Sumatra were admitted still doing 
the investigation, and requires the testimony of other witnesses. 
"I confirmed to investigators, the case is still 
in progress and still in lidik, "said Head of Public Relations 
Poldasu Kombes Pol. Heru Carey to the alert, on Thursday 
(6 / 10).

He also said that investigators still need 
other witnesses related to the case.

Medan police chief Comr. Sinaga Tagam previously 
said, Megawati who served in the police Percut Seituan 
as Panit So was drawn to the Medan Police to 
facilitate the examination.

"He was drawn to the Medan Police non-job as an officer," said 
Tagam. Megawati "dinonjobkan" from duty on suspicion of recruiting 
and pledged some money to some 
people when joined as a customer TVI Express.

"Although he's a cop still be processed, and he was 
examined at the Medan Police Propam, "said Tagam said, 
the leadership of Police does not tolerate its members are 

"When you break the rules will be processed in 
the law, "he said. In this case, a number of 
victims has made ​​a complaint to Poldasu. They say, 
at maturity the money they invest 
and liquid promised was not realized. When asked to 
Megawati, was evasive. Because of his actions, Megawati 
subject to Article 5, letter a, PP. 2 / 2003 concerning the rules 
of discipline police officers, who are prohibited from doing things 
that can degrade the honor and dignity of 
the state, government or police.

Megawaty told reporters never denied allegations 
he committed fraud and embezzlement 
by taking the money paid to him. "There is 
no money paid to me, the money was deposited 
to the TVI through accounts, "he said. 
He claims to only search for members included in the 
business TVI, but there is no coercion. 
Rapporteur, he said, also not members. "Only 
two members of my report, others do not. It's 
also no money is paid to me, directly 
to the TVI, "he said.

However, in previous news, R Damanik victims and 
seven others admitted invited to cooperate in business in TVI 
Express. Next ask the victim Megawaty instill 
a minimum capital of Rp 2, 6 million per person. He promised to 
return the capital and profits within three 
months to reach A $ 10,000 (Rp100 million). But 
after three months, the victims do not receive what 
was promised. (m27)

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