Monday, October 10, 2011

Old News Out of China: ANOTHER THREE arrested and convicted in May 2011

Didn't find this news item until now, and checking names and location shows this is a separate news item:

Foreign travel for free is actually scam, three accused jailed for illegal pyramid scheme
Author: Hong Xu Zhen Posted :2011 -05-06 12:29:13

    1897 yuan adding "British TVI Travel Express", you can enjoy "free of charge in five-star hotel 7 Days, free to travel abroad" treatment. Free pie does not come from sky, is a trap, which is the beauty of direct sales organization made up lies, cheated more than 30 people. Yesterday, after hearing according to law, the court in Henan Fengqiu organization, leader of pyramid schemes Wen Yu, and the others, convicted and sentenced for the crime.
    Examined, since May 2009, the defendant Wen Yu joined by others, "British tourist TVI Express", the defendant together with Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi in Fengqiu, Changyuan, etc., in order to "stay for free in five-star hotel seven days, six nights, free to travel abroad "and the name, asked participants to 1897 yuan per unit to buy eight memberships and obtained added qualifications; lure others to join the participants to continue to develop, you can cycle out of board and earn 500 dollars, then cycle out of express board can earn $ 10,000; lure others to join the participants to continue to develop and direct the development of the number of persons pay by per head pbasis, obtaining by deception. The investigation, joined the staff in the marketing organization more than 30 people, Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi were three levels above.
    After the court that the defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi to promote British tourism Express project in the name of TVI, requiring participants to pay the added cost way to get qualified, and are organized according to a certain level, the number of staff directly to the development of As a rebate capitation basis, to lure participants to continue to participate in the development of others, obtaining by deception, disruption of economic and social order, his behavior constituted organization, leadership pyramid schemes crime. Defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi together intentionally, pyramid schemes, the temperature plays a major role in jade, culprit, criminal activities in the common Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi played a secondary role, their accomplice, should be lighter or mitigated punishment ; defendant Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi with a good attitude, do show repentance, let the community no longer harm society, sentenced to probation is appropriate.
    Accordingly, the hospital in organization, leadership pyramid schemes crime, sentenced to imprisonment for one year and two months Wen Yu and fined 20,000 yuan; Yang Rui sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan; Zheng Zhi sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan.

Source: Henan Court Network

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