Thursday, October 6, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Police in three Indonesian provinces are looking into TVI Express scam

As reported by Bataviase:

TVI Express, 4th Floor STC Senayan, Jakarta, yesterday.

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Director Litama
PT TVI Express.
JAKARTA - Freezing operation of the tourism bureau service company PT Travel Ventures International (TVI) Express relieve some circles. One was Peter Celestine. Team Coordinator Defenders of Democracy Indonesia is assessing business multilevel marketing (MLM) companies is contrary to common sense
According to Peter, who developed TVI Express mode is quoting 2.6 million per member to enjoy the discount airline tickets and vouchers star hotels around the world. In fact, the facility was rejected by the promised five-star hotel. Worse, the payment by members are not accompanied by an official receipt or certificate of membership.
TVI Express created the figure of a "successful" when becoming a member. They then dimin-ii ngkampanyekan testimonials of success through an event held at Steam TVI Express. "I was suddenly very rich beggar, so people interested in becoming a member by paying USD 2.6 million," said Peter told Tempo this week.
The trouble menggunakanfasilitas yani hotel; offered had experienced member. Let's call her Lisa Nur-where. Entrepreneurs who are also officials in government agencies since October 2010 many times do the ordering process, a call. "He told Tempo when they travel to some time ago.
Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia Koen Verheyen asserts, should the company partly responsible for the conduct of mem-ang harm other members. This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. "There's a code of ethics in every company, there must be sanctions," he said.
Authorities continue to monitor the investigation of cases of suspected fraud in some areas.Cash J TVI us are under investigation in Medan City Police, the Police Sector Sunggal, and Gorontalo Regional Police, "said Head of the Task Force on Handling Allegations of Unlawful Actions in the Field of Community fund raising, Sardjito, yesterday.
Peter was impressed slow rate of motion apparatus. You see, there is allegedly one of his wives police officers involved in the company. "He became chief commissioner in TVI Express." However Goenarni hastily denied ffetrus signaled. "Not true. She's just ordinary members through my old friend."

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