Friday, February 24, 2012

Tale of two TVI Express "reviewers", one's smart, the other's a moron

Readers of this blog may remember a certain JLF, who was highlighted 3 times before on this blog for posting TVI Express bull**** on his own website.

Entry on March 31, 2011
Entry on May 3rd, 2011
Entry on May 5th, 2011

UPDATE: JLF contacted me (by adding me to his Google+ circle without writing me or putting a comment here first) and wish the status of the three above pages updated as he has removed TVI Express content from his website. He claims that his team members posted those without his supervision.

My advice is simple: delete those articles, and I'll post an ADDENDUM to each of those entries, before and after, that the original webpage that had been referenced has been deleted. In fact, I will do that for anybody else whose webpage ended up here.

Which is what I did for JLF. All three above links still exist, but all content have been crossed out, and all links disabled, with prominent label on top that states very clearly the links are no longer active and JLF have removed TVI Express related content from his website.

UPDATE2: On the other hand, what you do NOT want is what this moron did (yes, I called him a moron, twice)  "Brandon", who posted reviews on his website calling WELL-KNOWN SCAMS such as FHTM, Zamzuu, and TVI Express 'great opportunities', was angry that I called his website a scam.

brandon8290 said...
Hey man so your calling me a scam??? Im going to give you 30 days to take this post off or I will have my lawyers contact you! You have my picture and your using it against my will so If you dont take this down I will take legal action against you.

First of all, brandon, I didn't call you a scam. I said you PROMOTED scams. Those are FACTS. And because they are FACTS, they are not libel.

As for your picture, it was easily retrieved from Google cache, which is retrieved from Facebook, which is public information. If you don't want it made public, don't put it out into the public. No law was broken, so what exactly are you going to sue me on?

Your lawyer, if you have one, would know all this.

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