Monday, February 27, 2012

Someone revived a Zombie Donna Ebreu spamticle, and illustrate lack of integrity

Those of you who read this blog should have heard of Donna Ebreu, one of the folks who tried to blame "US attitude against MLM" on why TVI Express is an illegal pyramid scheme. Yet she claims to be "coach of integrity" on her own website. This is one of her spamticles, and look at how exactly does she behave "with integrity"...

You notice that she didn't review TVI Express, but instead, talked about how to pick teams that will somehow ensure your success. That's weasel already.

Then she tells you to learn more about TVI Express by visiting her Bon Voyage 1000 website. As Bon Voyage 1000 is a competitor of TVI Express (almost identical structure), she's using TVI Express name to drive traffic to her Bon Voyage 1000 website. That's downright deceptive.

But then, what's what we'd expect from a weasel who won't admit fault, right?

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