Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tracking Down TVI Express Supporter Alamin

About 4 months ago (that would make it... October 2011), a certain "Alamin94" showed up at one of my hubs, and is quiet friendly, claims to be "international diamond" of TVI Express, is from Bangladesh, have gotten paid (so he claimed), and basically quite enjoyed his "success" at TVI Express.

Needless to say, I reminded him that none of that indicates that TVI Express is legal.

It is interesting that he registered a Hubpages account just to post comments, and it was only used ONCE, to post ONE comment on my hub. Subsequent comments were posted NOT using the account, but simply through e-mail address. He never published any hub, so his Hubpages profile is completely blank.

Any way, so I wondered, how is he doing now? So I did a search, and found his full name and contact info on Facebook:

Wow, he's putting EVERYTHING online... name, mailing address, phone number e-mail, and his TVI Express affiliate link.

He even put up a "fan of the week", except he doesn't have one every week. Just read his wall.

And his profile pix? Made with FREE tool, says so right on his page:

"Created with Free version of Pagemodo"

Guess he's saving his money he earned with TVI Express for something else.

Or perhaps he didn't really get paid, and his claimed "earnings" was just his "e-Wallet" figures?

Since TVI Express is not a bank, is eWallet even legal? But he doesn't care. He thinks he got paid.

His wall claims that TVI Express Bangladesh was about to launch back in August 2011. So where is it now?

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