Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brandon Inchauriga threatens to sue me to revealing his face and his promotion of scams

This blog normally don't get too many comments. Most TVI-ers have already moved on to some other scheme that suit their fancy. So imagine my surprise that there were two comments waiting for me in the comment moderation inbox. One's from Mr. Ferren, who was polite. The other one was from "Brandon", who was clearly angry:

So what was he referring to? This is the entry he was so mad about:

Moron Claims Scams are Not Scams, Despite Ample Proof  (29-AUG-2011)

And what was his picture that he was so mad about? Here:

Anything posted to Facebook and set to public is public information. There's no law against disseminating that.

If you visit his website, you'll find that he called no less than THREE PROVEN SCAMS (FHTM, Zamzuu, TVI Express) great opportunities. So I called him out on that.

Also note the dates: his face was on Facebook as of late July 2011. By August 2011 his face was no longer there. What are you supposed to make from that? I don't know.

But the facts are simple: Brandon Promoted Scams, and Brandon deleted his face from his Facebook page.

And he wants to sue me to revealing these facts? Based on what?
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1 comment:

Kasey Chang said...

Not a peep from Brandon. Guess he realized his request is ridiculous.