Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Consumer Complaint about TVI Express Fraud

No idea how genuine it is, but it's worth a look:


Nona Samson  Send email
Feb 7, 2012


I was a tviexpress member and it's a fraud, a scam. I paid around $ 357.00 They told us that you will avail of free accomodations in a 5 Star Hotel but you will soon find out after your payment that you need to pay another $ 180 - $ 200.00 for you to avail of the package, they say it is for the taxes but it's too much for taxes. Then what they offer you are really Cheap hotels, hotels that are not in good locations. It's like you are also paying for the booking if you pay $ 180 - $ 200. I was unable to use it because how can you book? The hotels are so cheap and you need to pay again. I was asking what are the Privileges, the Privilege is the Business Opportunity they told me that I should sell 2 membership for me to earn. What? Why would I sell that if it doesn't have any product to gain. This is clearly a fraud.

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