Monday, October 31, 2011

More TVI Express Spam from Filipino TVI Express member

Does TVI Express have anything to do with airline? Sort of. it was SUED by at least one airline for falsely using their logo. So why would a website allegedly about airline tickets have an article on TVI Express? It was video by a TVI Express spammer, of course.

The ten reasons? Already busted before. This guy made "fresh" zombie spam by repeating the lies.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

TVI Express Spammers are Getting Desperate!

Look at all the spam TVI Express members are generating... Everywhere is locking their their system and that basically leaves the free classified ads for them to spam, except one: That's a bogus "news" website where anybody can post anything.

And it's likely that spam will only continue, even AFTER TVI Express death

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Scam about Fashion? Only on a spam blog, of course.

What should you find on a website called "Fashion Comments"? Surely not TVI Express spam!?!

Zombie article, spammed.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Health and Fitness had WHAT to do with TVI Express?

More hilarious TVI Express spam, on a blog called Health and Fitness. Ha-ha-ha!

What a bogus review, went through a rewriter, and all that.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shady Website Helps you find loan... AND scams

A website that helps you find payday loans is shady enough already. When they start advertising TVI Express, that just PROVES they are a scam.

What's even more hilarious... The website has "hidden registration". You don't even know who runs this outfit.

Shady business, plus zombie article spamdexing, just makes for even hilarity.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dang, two spam blogs that are virtually identical!

When a spammer got lazy, hilarity ensues. This is yet ANOTHER domain that shared the exact same theme:

Before you accuse me of presenting you the same picture twice, I assure you these are captured from different domains. It's from the same spammer who didn't even bother picking a different theme.

And who owns this one? Site Manager1064, also using Oso Grande ("Big Bear") host.

Clearly, this guy maintains a whole series of these ID's and register expired domains to put up bogus spamticle blogs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yet another blog turned into spamticle repository

Why would a domain name "" contain some random garbage about businesses?

ANOTHER scraped article from Donna Abreu's defunct TVI Express Review Blog.

And this one is registered by... Site Manager1019, and is ALSO based on Texas.

There is a pattern.

Monday, October 24, 2011

ANOTHER domain hacked? Or just random spamticle site?

Here's another blog that is supposedly about a movie, but turned into a spamticle website.

You see, there was this cheap horror movie in 2007 called "The Cry" (IMDB Link: The Cry 2007 ) It had two official sites:, and

The former is now available to register from Godaddy. The latter is now a spamticle site. The guy didn't even change the theme descriptions.

And this one is owned by "Site Manager 1053"

Didn't we just checked another spamticle site owned by "Site Manager " some number?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Personal blog hacked, or Website Owner using domain for spamticles?

Found yet ANOTHER personal blog containing spamticles:

This article was "scraped" from Donna Ebreu's defunct TVIExpressReviewBlog.

Just for grins, I looked up domain reg records for this domain, and got... SiteManager1072

Somehow that sounds familiar, as does the webhost, Oso Grande Technoogies out of Texas. I know I've seen them before.

That makes them a faker out there artificially generating backlinks to prop up a DEFUNCT blog full of fake reviews and fake info.

Once or twice would be an accident. Repeated action means it's deliberate spam.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wow, TVI Express spammer hacked a personal blog!

I was searching for random **** when I came across this blog:

The article itself is clearly "spun" rewriter garbage. Yet this blog looks far too personal to be a spam blog. So I looked up the owner and the whois registration...  They match. However, the MAIN website is at...

Where the photo was found, and many others. This is a real guy, and this is his real blog. And there's no reason for him to post a spun article on his own personal blog. He's a successful businessman (not in MLM) and have too much to lose to associate his face with a scam.

Thus, the only reasonable explanation is someone hacked his blog.

Ain't that pathetic?
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Damien? Spamien is more like it

Supposedly this "Damien" posted a review about TVI Express.

However, any one with proper education of English (even elementary level), can easily tell that this article went through a rewriter, and thus have been bashed into almost gibberish.

Those are the ones that are EASY to point to. There's plenty more.

Not only is Damien a spammer, he's also a plagiarist and rewriter, not to mention scam promoter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

TVI Express still using random spam blogs for traffic

SEO is about finding real keywords, not random keywords, yet morons are still out there stealing content, then put up blogs with random **** and think somehow they can get rich from Adsense. What a joke! Here's another one:

Still pointing to tviexpressreviewblog, eh? That review's long dead, but the spam's fresh... Zombie!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Czech Blogger Details Shady Nature of TVI Express pushers

Czech Blogger Vaclav Husak was commenting on various things and detailed his experience when he wants to find out a little more on TVI Express. He was referred to a local member, who, when asked some pointed questions, hung up on him.

So he did his own research, and found this blog, and my other articles detailed TVI Express scam.

Read his blog entry yourself:

Another spam blog... randomly generated?

Is there a "bot" out there registering random domain names, then set up Wordpress blogs on them with spam / scraped / stolen content? It certainly seem so, as there's a proliferation of such random spam blogs. And here's another one:

Only 3 months of content, most of which are bogus. Even the title doesn't match the domain name. Links goes to the defunct tviexpressreviewblog. 

Spam blog, zombie content. 
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spam blog posts TWO versions of same zombie article

First of all, getting fat is a serious issue. So why does "" posts articles about get rich quick schemes?

But here's another article just like it!  Can you guess which is the original and which is spun through a rewriter?

If you say the "first one", you would be correct! The one that says "TVI Convey" is the one that's spun.

Furthermore, both articles refers to Alan Cosens, who have already turned AGAINST TVI Express!

This is a spam blog, and a very obvious one, and it revives zombie articles.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

TVI Express Alexa rating dropping like a rock

A few MONTHS ago they are claiming their Alexa ratings are up to like 6000 or so.

Guess what their rank is this week? 13000.

Normal website don't have sudden traffic swings like that. Furthermore, most of the traffic is STILL coming out of Russia and Kazahkstan.

This virtually proves that TVI Express traffic spike was bogus and artificial in origin.

Some spammers are using scrapers for contents on top keywords

That is the only explanation why blog contents featuring certain keywords are quickly appearing on various spam blogs, sometimes "washed" through a rewriter.

Here's another one. What does Concors Musica Sacra (yes, the title's wrong)  have ANYTHING to do with TVI Express?

But here's what's really hilarious... This domain is for sale!

But what is Another spam blog that has entries on everything from Forex Trading to Nutritional Supplements.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Which morons are reviving zombie TVI Express spam?

Some morons, probably from overseas, are still trying to spam the net with spam blogs and reviving zombie posts. Here's one:

WHOIS record says this domain is owned by:

   Syarifuddin Sh.i

   Registered through:, Inc. (

   Domain servers in listed order:

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chicago website... TVI Express spam?

TVI Express and Chicago West Sub Urban... what's the connection? There aren't any.

This is a spam blog created with random keywords.

Article itself was borrowed from zombie content.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NewsDaily? MyMLMBank? The two don't even match! TVI Express spam too!  is deceptive, because it claims to be news, but only has various spam articles about "business" and MLM. See for yourself:

And there's our friend "Brandon", sprouting his nonsense explanations how even scams sued by governments are not scams.

Add to that rewrite spun words and you have a completely non-sensical article.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is Sakshi Buddha and why is it a spam blog?

Another spam blog, Sakshi Budda, seem to be randomly generated from whatever keywords that seem to capture the attention of people. Only two months old, it has 99% spam, which would of course, include some Zombie TVI Express spam as well, such as Donna Abreu's garbage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TVI Express spams... Fitness Games Website?

Does TVI Express have ANYTHING to do with Fitness Games? Not a thing. How did it get there? There's "traveler board" in TVI Express, and somehow that got sucked up in "board game" filter of this spam article website.

Another Filipino TVI Express supporter demonstrates lack of brain

A certain "Cris" posted two identical comments under two TVI Express related hubs:
 The IP address given is traced to Cavite, which is next to Manila, Philippines.

The problem is, NEITHER comment was posted in response of a review of TVI Express.

The first comment (with CRIS) was posted under "Real News Articles about TVI Express that Your Upline Would Not Dare to Show You". It was not a review, but links and excerpts from around the world, a dozen different countries, all saying TVI Express is a scam.

The second comment (with cris) was posetd under "TVI Express Weasel Review Volume 7", where I reviewed someone else's review, showing the readers that this reviewer is extremely biased, only talk about the good stuff, with distorted information, and none of the bad stuff.

Neither of which is a review of TVI Express. Yet "Cris" certain thinks they are. Yet "he" accuses me of "without brain or understanding"? Clearly, "Cris" flunked "reading comprehension" in school. He can't even post the comments under a proper hub, but must resort to posting irrelevant SPAM to get his point across.

And the part about changing lives in Indonesia? What a joke. PT TVI Express Indonesia has had their license revoked and members ARRESTED for fraud. Furthermore, we have proven time and time again "it pays therefore it is legit" is a fallacy.

Cris here is a parrot who can only do what his (her?) upline told him to do: go defend TVI Express. As a result, it proves TVI Express members are gullible, and easily mislead.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Old News Out of China: ANOTHER THREE arrested and convicted in May 2011

Didn't find this news item until now, and checking names and location shows this is a separate news item:

Foreign travel for free is actually scam, three accused jailed for illegal pyramid scheme
Author: Hong Xu Zhen Posted :2011 -05-06 12:29:13

    1897 yuan adding "British TVI Travel Express", you can enjoy "free of charge in five-star hotel 7 Days, free to travel abroad" treatment. Free pie does not come from sky, is a trap, which is the beauty of direct sales organization made up lies, cheated more than 30 people. Yesterday, after hearing according to law, the court in Henan Fengqiu organization, leader of pyramid schemes Wen Yu, and the others, convicted and sentenced for the crime.
    Examined, since May 2009, the defendant Wen Yu joined by others, "British tourist TVI Express", the defendant together with Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi in Fengqiu, Changyuan, etc., in order to "stay for free in five-star hotel seven days, six nights, free to travel abroad "and the name, asked participants to 1897 yuan per unit to buy eight memberships and obtained added qualifications; lure others to join the participants to continue to develop, you can cycle out of board and earn 500 dollars, then cycle out of express board can earn $ 10,000; lure others to join the participants to continue to develop and direct the development of the number of persons pay by per head pbasis, obtaining by deception. The investigation, joined the staff in the marketing organization more than 30 people, Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi were three levels above.
    After the court that the defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi to promote British tourism Express project in the name of TVI, requiring participants to pay the added cost way to get qualified, and are organized according to a certain level, the number of staff directly to the development of As a rebate capitation basis, to lure participants to continue to participate in the development of others, obtaining by deception, disruption of economic and social order, his behavior constituted organization, leadership pyramid schemes crime. Defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi together intentionally, pyramid schemes, the temperature plays a major role in jade, culprit, criminal activities in the common Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi played a secondary role, their accomplice, should be lighter or mitigated punishment ; defendant Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi with a good attitude, do show repentance, let the community no longer harm society, sentenced to probation is appropriate.
    Accordingly, the hospital in organization, leadership pyramid schemes crime, sentenced to imprisonment for one year and two months Wen Yu and fined 20,000 yuan; Yang Rui sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan; Zheng Zhi sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan.

Source: Henan Court Network

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Who is Gregory Drake and Why is he reviving TVI Express Zombie Articles?

Just the other day I found this:

Apparently Mr. Drake enjoys looking at you down his nose.

What's interesting is that the website, "" belongs to a "Greg Smith", not Gregory Drake.

The first URL that pointed to,, goes to "Proxy Inc", which means it's on "private registration", owner hidden.

Now why would a real reputable person do that?

But what's really interesting is how the article scraper even scraped the related posts and comments:

TVI Express is NOT a success. Don't be bogus and cite TVI Express hilarity. Only makes your website bogus.
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

TVI Express spams... "Houses for Rent Plus"?

I can understand spamming TVI Express on travel sites, but on "Houses for Rent Plus"?

Furthermore, the article clearly went through a rewriter. "Express" became "Convey". "Provides" became "gives". "Claims" became "Statements", and so on and so forth. It's hilarious spam.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Indonesian Policewoman under suspicion of TVI Express fraud

Apparently this policewoman took up TVI Express scamming as a sidejob

(following autotranslated by Google)

Case Examination TVI Express Slow
Articles Medan
Written by Syafri Harahap on Friday, 07 October 2011 04:13   
MEDAN (alert): The process of examination of the police 
woman (policewomen) Ipda Megawati, suspected cases of fraud and 
embezzlement against a number of victims who become a member of 
TVI Exspress seem sluggish.

Although the case reported since July, police investigator 
handling the case of North Sumatra were admitted still doing 
the investigation, and requires the testimony of other witnesses. 
"I confirmed to investigators, the case is still 
in progress and still in lidik, "said Head of Public Relations 
Poldasu Kombes Pol. Heru Carey to the alert, on Thursday 
(6 / 10).

He also said that investigators still need 
other witnesses related to the case.

Medan police chief Comr. Sinaga Tagam previously 
said, Megawati who served in the police Percut Seituan 
as Panit So was drawn to the Medan Police to 
facilitate the examination.

"He was drawn to the Medan Police non-job as an officer," said 
Tagam. Megawati "dinonjobkan" from duty on suspicion of recruiting 
and pledged some money to some 
people when joined as a customer TVI Express.

"Although he's a cop still be processed, and he was 
examined at the Medan Police Propam, "said Tagam said, 
the leadership of Police does not tolerate its members are 

"When you break the rules will be processed in 
the law, "he said. In this case, a number of 
victims has made ​​a complaint to Poldasu. They say, 
at maturity the money they invest 
and liquid promised was not realized. When asked to 
Megawati, was evasive. Because of his actions, Megawati 
subject to Article 5, letter a, PP. 2 / 2003 concerning the rules 
of discipline police officers, who are prohibited from doing things 
that can degrade the honor and dignity of 
the state, government or police.

Megawaty told reporters never denied allegations 
he committed fraud and embezzlement 
by taking the money paid to him. "There is 
no money paid to me, the money was deposited 
to the TVI through accounts, "he said. 
He claims to only search for members included in the 
business TVI, but there is no coercion. 
Rapporteur, he said, also not members. "Only 
two members of my report, others do not. It's 
also no money is paid to me, directly 
to the TVI, "he said.

However, in previous news, R Damanik victims and 
seven others admitted invited to cooperate in business in TVI 
Express. Next ask the victim Megawaty instill 
a minimum capital of Rp 2, 6 million per person. He promised to 
return the capital and profits within three 
months to reach A $ 10,000 (Rp100 million). But 
after three months, the victims do not receive what 
was promised. (m27)

Some Russians are STILL doing TVI Express spam

Here's "", with a borrowed background, generic subtitle, and obviously a spam blog.

But what does the URL, actually say?

Oh, this is hilarious! It's ZOMBIE content!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Police in three Indonesian provinces are looking into TVI Express scam

As reported by Bataviase:

TVI Express, 4th Floor STC Senayan, Jakarta, yesterday.

Kepolisianbelum check
Director Litama
PT TVI Express.
JAKARTA - Freezing operation of the tourism bureau service company PT Travel Ventures International (TVI) Express relieve some circles. One was Peter Celestine. Team Coordinator Defenders of Democracy Indonesia is assessing business multilevel marketing (MLM) companies is contrary to common sense
According to Peter, who developed TVI Express mode is quoting 2.6 million per member to enjoy the discount airline tickets and vouchers star hotels around the world. In fact, the facility was rejected by the promised five-star hotel. Worse, the payment by members are not accompanied by an official receipt or certificate of membership.
TVI Express created the figure of a "successful" when becoming a member. They then dimin-ii ngkampanyekan testimonials of success through an event held at Steam TVI Express. "I was suddenly very rich beggar, so people interested in becoming a member by paying USD 2.6 million," said Peter told Tempo this week.
The trouble menggunakanfasilitas yani hotel; offered had experienced member. Let's call her Lisa Nur-where. Entrepreneurs who are also officials in government agencies since October 2010 many times do the ordering process, a call. "He told Tempo when they travel to some time ago.
Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia Koen Verheyen asserts, should the company partly responsible for the conduct of mem-ang harm other members. This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. "There's a code of ethics in every company, there must be sanctions," he said.
Authorities continue to monitor the investigation of cases of suspected fraud in some areas.Cash J TVI us are under investigation in Medan City Police, the Police Sector Sunggal, and Gorontalo Regional Police, "said Head of the Task Force on Handling Allegations of Unlawful Actions in the Field of Community fund raising, Sardjito, yesterday.
Peter was impressed slow rate of motion apparatus. You see, there is allegedly one of his wives police officers involved in the company. "He became chief commissioner in TVI Express." However Goenarni hastily denied ffetrus signaled. "Not true. She's just ordinary members through my old friend."

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