Friday, November 12, 2010

TVI Express resorts to making up endorsements

On TVI Express managed to tack on an endorsement at the end...

"Industry experts rank TVI Express as one of the best new MLM companies for 2009."

Which experts? If you visit the URL, you will not find a SINGLE REVIEW on the site at all. Spam!

However, just for fun, let's evaluate TVI Express based on the 10 characteristics given. How does it rate?

1) Basic detective work

Initial search shows real address and phone number. However, slightly deeper search shows TVI Express "headquarters" in UK is NOT in London, but instead is a virtual office.

2) Do they take credit card?

Not exactly. They take credit card through payment processors such as Liberty Reserve, which means it cannot be disputed.

3) Do they get good traffic according to (or similar rankings?)

Yes, they do. However, traffic itself doesn't guarantee legitimacy. Pass with reservation

4) Cost more than X to join?

One-time payment of $250 + fees... For a trip that can't be redeemed, a backoffice that's available elsewhere for free, and a chance to earn $10000?

5) Search BBB for evals?

BBB only exist in the US, man. FAIL

6) Try their products

Wait, TVI Express doesn't HAVE any products... At least none their website would admit to! Members claim either the trip is the product (but you don't sell that), or the backoffice is the product (again, you don't sell that), so what is the product?

7) Read the contract

Contract? What contract? There ain't no TVI Express contract!

8) Study the pay plan

Payment is clear: recruit a lot of people and be rewarded for it. In other words: pyramid scheme!

9) Does company provide support?

Heck, no! Complaints about customer support of TVI Express has been ongoing since the company started, and was NEVER resolved! E-mail goes unanswered. Phone queues are lengthy. Payment are into eWallet, never with real money. Trips are impossible to redeem even now. FAIL!

10) Can you market the stuff?

What stuff? There is no product or service to sell. TVI Express distributors have changed tactics and claim they are selling "travel club membership", but what sort of club is it that offers something available elsewhere for FREE, and offers $$$ for recruiting more recruiters? It's a PYRAMID SCHEME!

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