Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interesting Tidbit about

TVI Express website is at but the history of the domain itself is a bit nebulous. Well, wonder no more. That's actually public information, just a bit harder to get to.

Did you know that domain was actually registered in 2008, a full YEAR before TVI Express supposedly "pre-launched" in 2009?

Here are the hosting history of Domain History For
Old Hoster New Hoster Month / Year Zone Date Transaction
BLOCKDOS.COM BLOCKDOS.NET March 2010 2010-04-01 Transfer
THEPLANET.COM BLOCKDOS.COM November 2009 2009-12-01 Transfer
MEDIATEMPLE.NET THEPLANET.COM June 2009 2009-07-01 Transfer
WORLDNIC.COM MEDIATEMPLE.NET January 2009 2009-02-01 Transfer
WORLDNIC.COM April 2008 2008-05-01 New is a part of Network Solutions, the biggest network / hosting folks in the world is a very big (top 30) hosters in the North America based in Los Angeles claims to be largest dedicated server provider in the world.

From there on it's a bit nebulous. BLOCKDOS.COM and BLOCKDOS.NET are the same company... a company dedicated to counter denial-of-service attacks on hosting companies. They don't actually host websites, but they maintain a resistant network of DNS servers that will block DOS attacks.

Who actually hosts the website? Good question. IP address traces to imajhost, a company in Turkey, but the server seems to be in LA area.

So in other words, TVI Express had traded steadily DOWNWARD... from the biggest hoster in the world DOWN to smaller and smaller providers.

Yet in 2009 Tarun Trikha was quoted in member "conference calls" that they are trying to IMPROVE their website reliability by trading UP to better providers. Who's lying?

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