Monday, November 8, 2010

Some classic complaints about TVI Express from over a year ago

Even people in India were not immune to the TVI Express scam, and Tarun Trikha was named as top guy over a year ago, even when he only claims he's just another distributor (albeit a advisory board member).

Now that TVI Express is illegal in multiple countries, and Tarun Trikha had quietly disappeared from advisory board, it's time to review some of the classic complaints about TVI Express...

Dear Great Leaders of Tvi
I am writing this letter with a hope that Mr. Tarun Trikha of TVI would answer to my queries. I am compelled to rite this for TVI Company took forever to reply my query being communicated to the support group. Now it is doubtful whether there is a Travel Venture International or not? Who really they are? Whom should we contact in case of problems? The leaders in Manipur are another dump who all fantasized in the Dollar game, the dollar of TVI or dollars manufactured by Tarun.

(there's a lot more after this, but you can read it at the URL included

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