Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Would a Chicago Hotel Website have TVI Express Spam?

Why would a website allegedly about hotels in Chicago have a spam video about the "TVI Express Opportunity"? And what does it have to do with "Change is coming to America", a phrase used by President Obama of US?

If you go to Youtube itself to find the video, you'll find that it's posted by a Opp4Wealth on 29-DEC-2009. Which tells you this video is severely out of date and revived by zombie.

In this video, he even used president Obama's words "Change has come to America" to claim that TVI Express will change American income. Just like TVI Express stole Alex Ross's "Obamaman" picture for their "I am TVI" event.

But who is this Opp4Wealth guy any way? Well, his Youtube Channel gives you a big clue:

Apparently he gets a cut if you sign up at Internet casino using his referral code. But who is this Jungllut guy?

If you do Google search, you'll find a guy in Germany who's a very good programmer, but that's not this guy. This spammer Jungblut actually hails from Peru (that's in South America)

Would you trust a guy who's trying to bull**** as your "coach"? What sort of ethics will you pick up from this guy? Granted, Obama is not HIS president, but still, this attempt to borrow credibility is hilarious.
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