Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pacific Royale Delayed Yet AGAIN, revealing Tarun Trikha Scam

Previously we have revealed that the domain "" was registered none other than Tarun Trikha and his V2 Global scam company.

Later they used generic clipart to claim the company is launching in January 2012.

It is now January 2012, so where's the airline?

According to airline news, Pacific Royale is not going to start operating until END OF FEBRUARY 2012. And even then, it will only have 4 aircraft, two of them castoff from Ethiopian Airline.

Yet the website remains unchanged (as of today). It is clearly bogus.

And just to prove that the website's bogus... this is what it looks like now. This plane is NOT EVEN THE MODEL OF AIRCRAFT THAT WILL BE OPERATED BY PACIFIC ROYALE.

Yet the newspaper article above says very clearly that the airline will be flying Boeing 737s and Fokker 50s.  Neither of which looks like that. Here's what a Fokker 50 looks like:

And in case you've forgotten, here's what a 737 looks like:

Yet more proof that Tarun Trikha posts bull**** to enthrall scam victims with false promises and innuendos.

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