Saturday, May 11, 2013

Indian CVC Will Investigate TVI Express Corruption in Indian Central Railways

India Against Corruption
India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to Times of India report (through BehindMLM), after months of prodding and inaction by Indian Central Railways, the corruption case regarding their officers will be handed over the the central agency, known as "Central Vigilance Commission", with the purpose of investigating all government-related corruption in India.

The case stemmed from several articles in Times of India, where officials in Indian Central Railways was alleged to have abused their power of management to force subordinates into joining TVI Express pyramid scheme, and punish those who do not and/or made complaints about such. It has been over seven months since the first report was published in Times of India, yet no action had been taken other than to transfer the accused managers to a different station.

With Tarun Trikha previously arrested, there may yet to hope.
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