Monday, March 25, 2013

Belated Update: Aussie TVI Express Scammer has NOT paid her fines

According to a report in the Sydney Telegraph newspaper back in December 2012, Teddi Jutsen, one of the trio of TVI Express scammers convicted in Australia of fraud, has NOT paid her fines for contempt of court charges.

The trio racked up contempt of court charges after they have been charged and their bank account frozen to prevent them from removing their ill-gotten gains. Teddi Jutsen, the court later alleged, abused the court provision that they are allowed to withdraw smaller amounts for living expenses. By going to multiple bank branches to withdraw various amounts below the limit, Jutsen was able to move out a larger sum of money than was allowed by the court. Details are unclear how much money was withdrawn.

It is unknown if ACCC, the agency that handled the prosecution, and thus will receive the fines, has received them from the fraudster trio. However, the court, which tracks the contempt fines, confirmed that it has NOT received any of the fines for the contempt charges.

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