Thursday, May 23, 2013

Egypt Outlawed 8 scams, including TVI Express

Better late than never, but the "new" regime of Egypt have just outlawed 8 scam companies, including TVI Express.

Following is from Google Translate:
The number of participants in the company's eighth "Tvi express" to about 98 954, and the number of defendants المضبوطين 3 members, and subscription fee of $ 250, and the return of $ 500 for every 7 new people, and the value of amounts collected $ 24.7 million, and free Minutes No. 7741 for the year 2013 cover of Dokk
While the auto translation is atrocious, the meaning is obvious... TVI Express is a scam, and it's outlawed in Egypt.

This blog was one of the first to note that TVI Express is illegal based on common interpretation of Shariah law, and indeed Ulama Council of Ache, Indonesia was one of the first to outlaw it.

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