Saturday, January 30, 2010

TVI GAT posts a rebuttal that's not a rebuttal

Previously I posted a comment about someone who will help you join TVI Express for $37. I had assumed that this "someone" will pay for the other $213 or whatever to join TVI Express.

Turns out the truth is even worse than I suspected. First, here's the comment (link to original comment)
The Nay Sayers are need to do more research, before they go spouting gibberish. The $37 membership is from TVI Global Assist Team. By cycling through the TVI (GAT) they pay your way into TVI Express by generating income by referring new members into TVI GAT.

Our Administrative Team is in regular contact with TVI Express Administration and are experiencing growing pains. we get regular updates of the TVI Express activities and upgrades as they become available.

Please do your research before you start slamming programs as scams!

TVI GAT is a Perfectly legitimate program and we have many members making money with TVI Express.
So I looked into it a little further, and they are NOT lying... That $37 actually does NOT get you into TVI Express... That gets you into TVIGAT (or TVI Global Assist Team). If you recruit enough members to fill up their "2x2 matrix", they'll pay your TVI Express dues and help you become a full-fledged TVI Express member. They will even let you BUY 2 more referrals at $20 each.

So what exactly is a "2 x 2 matrix"? It's basically the 8-ball scam without the last level of 8. (So you end at the level of 4). See this diagram to the right, linked from another suspicious site...

And what is an 8-ball scam, which is exactly the same as one of TVI Express's "board" or "matrix"? To borrow the picture from Wikipedia...

Yep, it's the same as 8-ball scam, without the bottommost layer. 

In other words, it's a alleged-scam TVI Express feeder program, which is in itself a junior version of double 8-ball scam that this alleged-scam TVI Express was using.

Sorry, but anybody that feed members to an alleged-scam, and even uses a similar pyramid system that doesn't sell anything, but only to recruit people, is guilty by association.

Or put it this way: IMHO, TVI GAT is really TVI Express Junior edition. 
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funkydave said...

Hi Kasey
first lets get some facts straight.
The entry fee is 37$ one time
if you can market to get your 2 referrals then do so.If you can't then you can pay 20$ per referral and that is all you need. If you market then tvi-gat will pay you a referral fee of 15$ for every referral you bring in. Along with this you get 1000 leads which you can market to. The 37$ is much better than 250-275 for tviexpress depending where in the world you are. before spouting off get your facts straight ok.

GuyReviews said...

So which of your supposed FACTS contradict anything I posted so far? Please name it when you find it.