Monday, September 23, 2013

TVI Express Scammers in Russian invokes KGB to Recruit

According to news out of Belarus (next to Russia), scammers over there, apparently unaware that Tarun Trikha had been arrested in India and the scam is pretty much over, had been recruiting people and claiming to have KGB connections.

For those who are not aware, KGB was the USSR intelligence agency. Think of it as FBI, CIA, NSA, AND the Nazi Gestapo combined into one and it would not be far off. It of course, no longer exist, after fall of communism, but its various officers, now in civilian life, are rumored to have maintained their network and worked their way up the Russian mafia food chain.

The "local" leader of TVI Express, Vladimir Pygidium, currently operates TVI Express branch out of Belarus.

In a different news, TVI Express has been called "Travel MMM" by locals of Belarus. MMM, or Mavrodi Money Machine, is an infamous pyramid scheme by Mr. Mavrodi that destroyed many fortunes in Russia.

No charges have been filed against the local TVI Express perps as of the article, dated 30-AUG-2013.

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