Friday, September 2, 2011

TVI Express Dollar is no more

For about a year, "Rudy Phan" of Indonesia published a LOT of nonsense on his website:, proclaiming all sorts of "facts" and "explanations" trying to justify the legitimacy of TVI Express.

I spent SEVERAL blog posts debunking his bogus explanationsHe even tried to debate me here for a while.  He was so frustrated, he quit debating here.

So I took the fight to him... and joined the Indonesian Kaskus online forum, where he continued to post his drivel.

He got so tired of me taking apart his public posts, he hid them behind a "registration wall".

Later he was revealed to have quit TVI Express and joined another suspect pyramid called ICITLife.

So what happened to

Rudy, I hope you have learned your lesson, but I suspect you will continue to lie in your new venture.
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