Sunday, September 4, 2011

24-year MLM veteran Marc Barrett claimed TVI Express is legal and profitable, what a joke

I am surprised that I have not mentioned Marc Barrett here before.

Marc Barrett is another self-proclaimed expert "with 24 years of experience in MLM". He claims he had been on top tier distributor levels on multiple MLMs, as well as cited in multiple books about MLM. That makes him an expert on MLMs. I didn't say so. HE said it:

Nationally "punished" books. LOL.

So does Marc Barrett in fact know what he is talking about? Let's apply a very simple test...  What was his view on TVI Express?

TVI Express is PROVEN to be an illegal pyramid scheme, here in the US, and was kicked out by State of Georgia with a "Cease and Desist" order in 2010. Thus, if Marc said it's a pyramid scheme, he may in fact know what he's talking about. If he doesn't, then he has no clue.

This is his review on TVI Express:

Definitely the same guy, yes? But what's his CONCLUSION on TVI Express? Let's scroll to the end... I've added some highlights, but the content remain undisturbed.

In other words, he does NOT recognize the structure to be illegal pyramid scheme. His anecdote about being declared illegal certainly is meant to imply that TVI Express is legal, and he repeatedly said "they pay their commissions". He even wrote "TVI Express has a real product with value".

A 24-year veteran in MLM that can't distinguish a legal MLM from a pyramid scheme, hmmm...

I guess it makes him an expert in bull****, not MLM.

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Alex Stoian said...

Hey, sis! Tell me your credential before You Talk about people that You don't know. What are your results? Who are You on this planet?
You know what... Is not polite to write BS about someone that You did not review. Mabe this is ok in your comunity. Do You think You are better in MLM? Pruve it! And show some credentials.

Kasey Chang said...

If the fact that TVI Express is illegal around the world, and its owner, Tarun Trikha was arrested by India police in 2013 is NOT enough to convince you that Marc Barrett made a huge mistake, then there's no point in talking to you about "credentials",as you don't seem to have any brain cells to do any critical thinking to "analyze" my credentials.